The legal niche is one of the most competitive topics on the Internet. Great demand for legal services generates great competition offline and online, in particular in search results. To get into the tops by search queries, you need to not only perform internal optimization, but also work on your popularity on the network. Search engines, as before, determine the authority of a site using its link rating. The link profile today remains one of the most important factors in ranking sites. At this stage, we will describe in detail how to plan a link profile, which links to build, where to get / buy links, how to draw up a link budget. It is also worth noting that if you need to quickly get customers, it is best to use google ads for law firms. The game with a reference mass for the site is designed for a long period.

Link profile planning. Competitor research

The stage of compiling a link strategy is one of the most important in SEO promotion. To successfully achieve high positions in the future, today it is necessary to draw up a successful link building plan. The link strategy in any niche, including the legal one, begins with the study of top competitors. There are several options for selecting competitors. Using a special service, we select the largest competitors and enter them into the previously created analysis table. The second way is manual. The technology of manual selection of competitors is not complicated, you need to select a sufficient number of queries, “google” each search query, view the top 10 results. List competitors and enter them in the analysis table. When the list of competitors is ready, we proceed to the reference analysis of each of them.

The first step in link analysis is superficial. It is necessary to highlight the competitors whose link profile is actively developing and preferably more than one year. In a superficial analysis of links, we look at the number of referring domains, referring pages, the dynamics of link building, domain zones of donors, the geography of the location of donors. We mark all these data in the analysis table.

After a superficial analysis of the competitors’ backlinks, the picture of the future link strategy begins to appear. But do not forget that it was a very superficial analysis, so we also draw conclusions that are relative and general. The next step in planning a link strategy is a detailed one. We study each competitor separately, for this it is necessary to unload at least one backlink from each donor and enter it in the table. After this step, we begin to analyze the link profile in detail.

Link strategy development

Having collected all the analytical data and creating pie charts of competitors’ links, we compose a link strategy. Important indicators in the link building strategy are the dynamics of link growth, the type of links, the time frame for placing / purchasing links. Initially, we draw up our own planned link cake, which it should be at its maximum point with a forecast of the achieved positions in the top 10 search results. In your own link pie, you must take into account all types of links that are present in competitors.

Next, we calculate the average dynamics of the growth of competitors’ links and share our own link profile for a period of time. For example, the planned link cake – 350 – 500 domains, competitors increased this mass from six months to two years, in which case our link strategy will stretch for almost a year and a half. To create a budget, you need to divide the entire reference pie into small pies, which will grow every month. Based on the cost of the monthly link profile, we form the monthly, semi-annual and annual link budgets.

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