Almost every casino offers its customers to try their luck at the roulette wheel. Over several centuries of its existence a lot of varieties of this amazing game have been invented, each of which has its own specifics. Online casinos allow you to try each of them for free and learn the rules in detail in order to choose the option that best suits you. Many players have lost fortunes spending their evenings playing roulette, but even that hasn’t diminished its popularity. The opening of dozens of online casinos has allowed the legendary game to gain new fans.

The basic rules of the game of roulette are simple and clear to everyone. There is no need to memorize any complicated schemes. Players do not need to have any special skills. The result depends solely on chance if you are in an honest casino. There is an opinion that the popularity of roulette has declined, but millions of gamblers continue to bet on red and black sectors. The absolute randomness of winnings and lack of necessity to have specific skills contributes to the fact that those who count solely on luck try their forces in roulette. They take risks based on their intuition. 

If you want to play roulette and other games, you should first search for casino reviews, so you can find a reliable solution. For example, if you are interested in allslots canada, you can use Researchers of roulette distinguish 4 main types of bets used all over the world.

Inside bet or numerical grid

This method involves making the minimum bets in any number and on any numbers as long as the total amount remains less than the limit set. The use of this method is suitable for those who have decided to just have fun playing roulette.

Direct bet

This type is a variation of an inside bet. Many people prefer the direct bet, since the ratio of winning to losing here is 35 to 1. The player chooses one cherished number, which he considers the winning number. Of course, the probability of success is minimal, but for the casino such bets are extremely profitable.

Split bet or bet on two numbers that are located next to each other

On a standard roulette table the numbers are separated by lines, so the chip in this case it is customary to put exactly on the line. You win if one of the two adjacent numbers comes up. The payout is 11 to 1. You can bet on three, four or six adjacent numbers. The amount of winnings depends on the degree of risk.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are bets made outside of the table (such as even or odd). It is possible to bet on dozens and columns. The probability of winning here is high, but the payout amounts are small. Such bets will suit especially cautious players. You can choose any betting option, but do not give roulette all your savings. Remember that the game is unpredictable. Treat it as a form of entertainment. Don’t try to make a fortune out of it.

Types of roulette

In Russian roulette, the player must guess which of the 36 cells will stop the ball. If luck smiles, the winnings will exceed the bet by 35 times. Note that virtual casinos allow you to play for free. Get rich that way can not, but the experience can be gained. If you value the risk and adrenaline, then make a real bet. European roulette provides for a sector zero. Its rules are so simple that even beginners understand them very quickly. If you’re first time playing roulette, then choose the European version. In this variant of the game the chances to win are very high. The payout depends on the size of the bets and the degree of risk.

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