Devops was invented about 10 years ago and since then this methodology has been actively implemented in the work of many IT companies. There are a lot of devops service providers, as it has a number of advantages compared with previous concepts. How to find a really good company that works solely on the principles of devops?

Let’s try to figure it out.

  • Analyze several different devops companies. Initially, take into account several proposals at once, then exclude from this list those who have certain doubts. You can form your opinion on the website and according to the words that characterize the company. Of course, they do not always correspond to reality, but this way you can cross out from the list those companies that are definitely not suitable for you.
  • The remaining list should consist of 3-5 devops companies, each of which openly declares that it works solely on the principles of devops. You should take time to search for reviews about the company in the Internet. Especially carefully analyze the negative reviews, because there you can find the real facts of the company. The more negative reviews you will be able to find, the more it should alert you.
  • When you have selected some of the most suitable companies, make sure that their staff is truly familiar with the principles of work using the devops methodology. Of course, you will not be able to speak with the whole team immediately, but you have the opportunity to talk with a company representative who is responsible for communication with customers. It is important to ask him the right questions in order to make sure that the company can provide devops managed services.

With the advent of the devops methodology, a number of companies began to introduce its principles into their work.

There was two main factors to do so.

Work on such a system significantly improves the performance of the company.

It is precisely known that the devops operations team can cope with the task much faster. The result of such work is better and more qualitative, which leads to the second factor.

Clients themselves are looking for companies that work according to the devops methodology.

In their work, devops companies are customer oriented. An important principle is that during work there is continuous communication with the client on aspects of his project. This means that the result of the work is as close as possible to the expectations of the client, and he remains satisfied with the company’s work.

But this is not the only reason for which the client is consciously looking for a devops software company. Such a company is focused on introducing maximum automation into the software. This provides high-performance software, and the client can save himself from a number of annoying actions that need to be repeated day after day. One of the most important principles of devops says that if the same action is repeated several times, then you need to automate it.

Devops conquered the market for IT services fairly quickly. Its efficiency is recognized by the world’s largest corporations. Everyone who has ever encountered with companies that work on these principles and were able to implement them 100% was able to appreciate all the advantages of this methodology. Such companies are the future of the work of IT spheres. Even though there are still many companies that only pretend to have switched to the principles of devops to attract customers, more and more people value this methodology every day.

But it is important to remember that if you are looking for a company, you should pay attention to many factors before making a final choice. Indeed, for many companies, devops are still nothing more than just a buzzword.

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